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Do you want to strengthen your personality? Develop your strengths and learn to appreciate your weaknesses or are you looking for a further training opportunity for you or your employees? Let Germany's most sought-after speakers inspire you in 1.5-hour interesting presentations. The event series "ERFOLGSMACHER" goes into the next round and awaits you with special topics and knowledge impulses.

Hybrid lecture evenings with prominent speakers

Marie-Theres Braun | Communication Psychologist, Expert in Persuasion and Negotiation

Marie-Theres Braun | Topic: Conversational Culture | 15.06.2023

Out of polarization The strength of cooperative communication

A chance to break out of the polarization that is reinforced by the current trend of guidebooks: We get tips on saying no, drawing boundaries, how much we shouldn't care about the opinions of others, and putting aside too much desire for harmony. It is considered a success killer. Yet it is precisely the key to conviction. Communication is successful when shared value is created. Actively shape it. If you want to avoid having to train yourself individually in each type of conversation (critique conversation, team meeting, negotiation, etc.), learn persuasion techniques that fundamentally increase the chance of achieving your conversation goal. Connect cooperative communication through smart conversation and skillful argumentation. Develop an assertive speaking style without harshness that would create resistance.

Thorsten Havener | Gedankenleser, Experte für nonverbale Kommunikation
Thorsten Havener | mind reader, expert for nonverbal communication

Thorsten Havener | Topic: Knowledge of human nature | 04.07.2023

How to see through your counterpart Secrets of nonverbal communication

Thorsten Havener sees through you and shows you how it works! Learn to recognize when you encounter truth or lies. Decipher what your counterpart is thinking and read the non-verbal signals and behaviors in every encounter with others. Become a true judge of character! The well-known mental artist and at the same time master of communication gives an introductory course into the mysterious world of suggestion and illusion. He sharpens your senses, trains your perception and translates body signals into learnable non-verbal communication. With his knowledge you will see what you have never seen before!

Dr. Peter Kreuz | ‚Rebels at Work‘ Gründer, Managementvordenker, Spiegel-Bestsellerautor
Dr. Peter Kreuz | 'Rebels at Work' founder, management thought leader, Spiegel bestselling author

Dr. Peter Kreuz | Topic: Nonconformism | 31.08.2023

Talented rebels - Why originality and nonconformism move the world

An inspiring talk and a passionate plea for all rebels, pioneers, game changers and innovators - who want to implement their own ideas and achieve great things. Learn strategies for bringing a bit of rebel spirit into your work and life to become more adaptable and innovative, especially in times of change. Learn why the future belongs to rebels - and how you can embrace your inner rebel to evolve and create new value for yourself and your business. A lecture that helps to free yourself from thinking templates, take off blinders and leave well-trodden paths.

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad | Gedächtnisweltrekordhalter und Neurowissenschaftler
Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad | Memory World Record Holder and Neuroscientist

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad | Topic: Thinking Power | 25.09.2023

Memory power Get your brain in shape

Who doesn't wish they had the proverbial memory of an elephant? As a memory trainer and brain researcher, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad can draw on an extraordinary memory. He has been among the world's best in memory sports for years, and his unbelievable memory capacity has already been entered in the Guinness Book of Records several times. In an entertaining mixture of entertainment, show and memory training, "Germany's mastermind" Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad proves that every individual can help his or her memory to achieve unimagined peak performance. Mnemonics have been tried and tested for centuries and are child's play to learn, but never before have they been taught in such a lively and amusing way!

Heidrun Link | Anti-Stress-Expertin und Akademie-Inhaberin
Heidrun Link | anti-stress expert and academy owner

Heidrun Link | Topic: Stress management | 24.10.2023

Brain on - stress off Stress prevention with a difference!

Stress, fear of change and uncertainty are not good companions in our (professional) everyday life. For our brain, for our body and for our own well-being, this represents a great challenge. In this interactive impulse lecture, you will learn how to deal with stressful situations in a positive and solution-oriented way and which tools are available to work on your own stress prevention, concentration and balance. Get to know exciting theoretical backgrounds from stress management, paired with simple and effective exercises for direct implementation. Shared laughter also helps against stress and is very likely during this lecture!

Florian Mück | internationaler Rhetorik-Experte
Florian Mück | international rhetoric expert

Florian Mück | Topic: Rhetoric | 16.11.2023

The ball must go in The scientific art of rhetoric

Whenever we go into a conversation privately or professionally, we carry the expectation of achieving something positive with our words, our rhetoric and our communication skills. The goal is always to convince the listener of my message. In sporting terms: The ball must go in! What questions do I need to ask myself and answer in order to succeed? What "rhetorical mix" is needed to make the goal? The international rhetoric expert shows you the strengths of a contemporary, convincing and winning rhetoric.


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