Business location North Saxony (Delitzsch, Torgau, Eilenburg)

A region with potential - this applies to the business location of North Saxony. Conveniently located in the catchment area of Halle/Leipzig Airport, North Saxony offers investors the best conditions. It is no coincidence that the district is part of the "Logistics Central Germany" network.

But the region also has a lot to offer economically. Traditional crafts hold their own here alongside medium-sized production companies and innovative start-ups. Industry, trade, crafts, commerce and services form a diverse mix of sectors that also offers good opportunities for young people.

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More layoffs than hires in Saxony

Klaus-Peter Hansen, head of Saxony's employment agency, expects 2024 to be a tense year. Although company bosses need skilled workers, he believes they are becoming more selective.

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