From start-up to traditional company: Radeberger Brauerei honored for 150 years of existence

It's been 150 years since the first Radeberg beer was tasted in the council chamber of the town hall. What followed is a success story. Now the brewery has been honored for it by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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Man sieht drei Männer bei der Urkundenverleihung.
Festive tribute to the Radeberg Brewery: Mayor Frank Höhme (l.) holds a beer bottle that is almost 150 years old, and Brewery Managing Director Olaf Plaumann (r.) holds the certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which he received from Lukas Rohleder. © SZ/Verena Belzer

From Verena Belzer

Radeberg. March 1873: The malthouse in Radeberg was put into operation. June 1873: Beer began to be brewed. And then, just two months later, in August, the time had come: The first beer tasting and first tasting took place in the council chamber of the Radeberg town hall.

And those who tasted at that time probably liked what ran down their throats. Because in September, the first beer was allowed to be delivered. The daily newspaper of the time, the Radeberger Echo, wrote on the occasion of the first tasting: "In general, people admired the color and brightness of the beer, which was reminiscent of the preferred Viennese beers. The taste was excellent."

Now the Dresden Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded the brewery an honorary certificate for its 150th anniversary. This is an honor not bestowed on many companies. In the past 20 years, it is only the second of its kind for Radeberger Brauerei.

The focus of the Radeberger Brewery is on its home country

"The Radeberg Brewery makes our city known all over the world," said Radeberg's mayor Frank Höhme (non-party) on the occasion of the honor in the council hall. "Even in America, the beer is a real hit." He said he hoped for further, very good cooperation.

Keyword America: Radeberger Pilsner is also drunk there, but the focus is clearly on the home country, emphasized Brewery Managing Director Olaf Plaumann. Nevertheless, Plaumann is proud of the fact that the company has mastered all the economic ups and downs since its founding - and that includes exports.

It was indeed amazing: Just five years after its founding, the first Radeberger was sold by ship to America. "That was certainly due to the innovative vision of the founders; it was like a start-up back then," Plaumann said. "But also because the brewery has always placed the highest value on the best quality raw materials."

In his laudation of the brewery, Lukas Rohleder, Managing Director of the Dresden Chamber of Commerce and Industry, emphasized that it was very impressive to take a look at the past. Radeberger had survived all political and economic crises: World Wars, political upheavals, the division of Germany, reunification. "Radeberger remains," Rohleder summed up. "Today, that would clearly be called economic resilience."

Cooperation with Klippenstein Castle

So is it time to breathe new life into the idea of a brewery museum on the occasion of this anniversary? Olaf Plaumann was cautious. A museum is not planned for the time being. "What we do want to do, however, is to cooperate with Klippenstein Castle on a selective, temporary and theme-related basis in order to present parts of our archive there."

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