The KI Network Dresden: utilizing the advantages of local exchange and exploiting business potential

Join our Meetups and benefit from bundled knowledge to exploit your business potential.

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KI Netzwerk Dresden: Künstliche Intelligenz greifbar machen

The areas of application for artificial intelligence (AI) are diverse and offer immense potential and challenges. Companies can use AI to optimize their processes, improve customer experiences or develop innovative products and services. The sensible integration of the new technology is a task that companies must face in order to remain future-proof and competitive. There are no blueprints yet, but rather a continuous examination of the topic is required.

The KI Network Dresden founded by ostec GmbH and digitalwert®-Agentur für digitale Wertschöpfung GmbH. It offers companies a platform to actively engage with AI. Regular meet-ups, live presentations from science and practice as well as hacking sessions provide the opportunity to engage directly with the technology, promote exchange and jointly develop best practice approaches.

Become part of the AI Network Dresden and shape the future together with other companies and experts. Benefit from the diverse exchange opportunities and use the bundled knowledge to successfully integrate AI into your corporate context.

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