Business events in your area!

The best ideas come from working together - in face-to-face meetings, but now increasingly also at virtual meetings or hybrid event formats. In any case, the important thing is the exchange that brings founders and investors together, makes knowledge transfer easy, strengthens old networks and creates new ones. With WIRTSCHAFT IN SACHSEN you are always up to date in terms of business events.

But important contacts are not only made at congresses, lecture evenings or trade fairs. Social gatherings - whether for a company anniversary, after a promising contract has been signed, or simply as a thank-you to dedicated employees - are also part of the togetherness that creates the basis for future success. Where is the best and most stylish place to celebrate? Which well-known speakers will be coming to Saxony soon? Where will science and business exchange information about the latest research results? Read it with us first!


Shaping the future with AI

Artificial intelligence is changing the world of work and creating new opportunities. How this can be used for the economy, but also in education.

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