Construction prices in Saxony significantly higher than a year ago

Construction in Saxony has become more expensive compared to 2022. Masonry work in particular has become more expensive, but some other trades have become cheaper.

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Die Baupreise in Sachsen lagen im August deutlich über denen des Vorjahreszeitraums.
Construction prices in Saxony in August were significantly higher than in the same period last year. © dpa/Armin Weigel

Kamenz. The construction prices in Saxony were significantly higher in August than in the same period of the previous year. Although the upturn in prices has weakened slightly, it remains at a very high level, reported the State Statistical Office in Kamenz on Thursday.

Accordingly new residential construction cost 7.2 percent more in August than in the same month a year earlier. Office buildings were 6.5 percent more expensive and commercial buildings 6.2 percent more expensive.

In the case of shell construction, prices rose in particular for masonry work (12.5 percent) and drainage work (9.9 percent). In contrast, slight price decreases were recorded for carpentry and timber construction work (-2.6 percent) and steel construction work (-1.2 percent). (dpa)

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