Rewe may take over 15 Real stores - Heidenau not included

In the insolvency of Real, there is now a certain perspective for 15 stores, but not for Heidenau. Is that good news or bad news?

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Einkaufswagen der Kette "Mein Real"
The shopping carts have stayed, whether Real or "My Real": which ones will come to Heidenau? © Daniel Schäfer

From Heike Sabel

There is hope in insolvency for 15 "Mein Real" stores across Germany. They may benefit from Rewe be taken over. This was decided by the German Federal Cartel Office. Whether this actually happens depends on several factors, including Rewe's agreement with the respective landlords.

The 15 locations are part of the remaining approximately 60 "Mein Real" locations of the Real Ltdwhich is controlled by the investment company SCP. Due to economic difficulties, Real GmbH has been in insolvency proceedings in self-administration since the end of September.

There are other Rewe plans for Heidenau

The Heidenau store is one of the 60 or so locations, but it does not appear in the current Rewe list, even though the Heidenau Real is also already supplied by Rewe. This is viewed differently by customers, but has no impact on the recent decisions. The Cartel Office cannot say why Heidenau is not included because it only examines applications. Real itself still does not comment.

It seems logical, however, that Rewe is not interested in the Real store in Heidenau. After all, they have other big plans here. In the already purchased building of former Möbel Bastian on the S172, they want to set up a large market. The city of Heidenau doubts whether this will really happen and is also against it because of the difficult traffic development, but there is still no official Rewe communication saying the opposite.

Real insolvency: New chance for Globus in Heidenau?

The absence of Heidenau from the Rewe takeover list could increase the chances for Globus again. The large retailer has already had clearance from the German Federal Cartel Office for all the locations it wanted since the end of 2020. The fact that the takeover did not happen in Heidenau shows the importance of an antitrust decision. You can't merge or take over if the decision is no, but you don't have to if the decision is yes. In Heidenau, landlords and Globus, among others, did not reach an agreement. Would that be different now?

If Rewe doesn't want to, Globus doesn't get a chance, what would that mean for Heidenau? The closure? Of all the options, that's the worst. Mayor Jürgen Opitz (CDU) made that clear from the start. The city of Heidenau is still fighting for the location and especially for Globus. But for the time being, the anxiety continues for Heidenau Real, for customers and employees, but also for the city. Heidenau's city hall wants to wait and see.

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