These are the plans for the former Beiersdorf property in Waldheim

The new owner of the property in Waldheim presents the property to politicians and potential users. There is already a tenant from the region.
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The buildings on the site of the former Beiersdorf plant in Waldheim contain many high racks. Tenants are now being sought for the space on the site. © SZ/DIetmar Thomas

By Sylvia Jentzsch

Waldheim. These figures are impressive: Almost 66,000 square meters of land with 27,700 square meters of building space, three high-bay warehouses, 230 parking spaces, production halls, office space, laboratories and further storage space. The new owner of the former Beiersdorf AG site, RSB Ratio Strategie- und Beratungsgesellschaft, has all this to offer.

Now that the halls and warehouses have been completely cleared by the former owner, RSB can start marketing the site.

"I am very happy about the seamless transition. It is important that the property is not empty," says Mayor Steffen Ernst (FDP). The news in 2015 that Beiersdorf was leaving Waldheim was a punch in the gut, but a gain for Saxony.

According to Ernst, there was good communication with the company right up to the end. He will support RSB to the best of his ability to get the business park and the Central Saxony Competence Center off the ground.

A business park and the Central Saxony Competence Center are to be built at the former Beiersdorf plant in Waldheim © SZ/DIetmar Thomas

Support from the district

District Administrator Dirk Neubauer (non-party) also spoke of the benefits of the existing development potential. He could imagine that in Waldheim to develop a competence center for renewable energies. But sustainable construction is also an issue.

"There are spaces available here that enable business and research to work together," said the district administrator. He also promised his support, but the district did not have the money.

According to RSB project manager Sven Zöller, a high-rise warehouse with an area of 1,400 square meters has already been leased to a company from the region.

This is how much potential the property has

A business park and a competence center in the form of a campus are to be built on the site. "Many areas can be combined with each other.

For example, if a company produces, it also needs office and storage space. If it is more active in research, it will need office and laboratory space. Everything is possible in the new business park," says Sven Zöller.

On Friday, RSB presented the potential of the site to potential tenants from the region, decision-makers from companies, representatives from universities, politics and business development.

The bug-proof cabinet between the secretary's office and the executive's office © SZ/DIetmar Thomas

Time travel with the former production manager

Mathias Stuhr, former production manager and deputy plant manager at Beiersdorf's Waldheim plant and current Manufacturing Excellence Manager Europe, gave a tour of the rooms and halls.

In some offices, only the technology was missing - cupboards, desks and office chairs were still there. Stuhr demonstrated the many possible uses of the properties.

Only the technology is missing in the secretariat © SZ/DIetmar Thomas
There were historic things to see under the roof of the administration building © SZ/DIetmar Thomas

Even the floor in the former administration building was an eye-catcher. In the otherwise modern building, historical machine elements could be seen under the roof truss.

Stuhr told many little episodes. For example, the bug-proof cupboard through which the catering for the meetings in the executive room was passed or the gate through which the deer, which were regularly on the premises, were let out - after they were literally driven into the corner by the employees.

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