Investor from Thuringia takes over Erntebrot

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Of the branches, only one will probably remain at the plant in Döbeln. The buyer sees great potential in production.

Doebeln. Since Wednesday, the lawyer Thomas Beck has been the insolvency administrator for the bakery Erntebrot in Döbeln, which has run into difficulties for the third time. His first official act in this function: He has signed a purchase agreement for the company.

"From the major customer base, I was able to attract an investor based in Thuringia who believes in the potential of Erntebrot GmbH and its employees and wants to maintain the site," Beck said in a press release. A company with a slightly different name will be founded for the continuation. "From now on, the bakery Erntebrot GmbH will take over, expand and further develop the production. The investor sees considerable growth potential at the Döbeln site."

According to Beck, the buyer is the wholesaler "Bakery Sales" from Dornburg-Camburg, which sees itself as an "interface between bakery production and the trade". The company also supplies major customers such as hospitals, kindergartens and nursing homes.

All but one of the branches will not be taken over

After Erntebrot filed for bankruptcy again on December 7, the company continued to produce for the remaining nine stores and for major customers.

However, there is one downer: "No solution could be found so quickly for all but one of the stores," says the insolvency administrator. The investor does not want to operate the stores himself, he said. "However, he will reopen the already closed branch at the production site in Döbeln," Beck said. There had been high customer demand at the branch in Masten.

"In this respect, I will be conducting negotiations with potentially interested parties for the remaining eight stores or concluding negotiations that have already been held. I will be happy to accept further applications. Until a commitment is made, I will continue to run the branches. The products will of course be supplied by the bakery Erntebrot GmbH. I expect that there will be further solutions for the branches and the employees working there within a period of two months."

The branch in the Edeka store in Döbeln has already been closed since Wednesday. According to Beck, it has already been vacated and is to be taken over by the Jung bakery.

The continued payment of wages for the 64 employees was financed and secured in close coordination with the responsible employment agency as well as a bank specializing in insolvency benefits, Beck said. "The employees were also involved in the renewed insolvency process, and I received very positive feedback. All employees pulled together, which made it possible to hold investor talks." About 25 jobs are to be retained at the production site, according to Beck.

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