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As the marketer with the widest reach in Saxony, DDV Media supports companies in filling vacancies. A broad-based and experienced team works hand in hand to achieve this.
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Welcome to the team! Recruiting works even better with DDV Media.

The days when applications were piled up in the HR department and recruiters only had to select the right candidate are over.

The shortage of skilled workers is real and is predicted to increase. What's more, according to a study by the Trendence HR Monitor, 39% of employees are open to a new job offer - but they are not actively looking for one. This poses challenges for modern recruiting.

How do you find the best employee for the vacant position in the company?

DDV Media not only has a wealth of experience in this area - the team is also happy to help with recruitment. How does this work? Through comprehensive campaigns that are precisely tailored to the respective position, are played out on many channels and, if possible, address both actively searching interested parties and people who come across the company in question by chance. This works, for example, via a high-reach advertisement on sä, where a simple application form offers potential applicants a low-threshold entry point. DDV Media then sends the contact details directly to the company. Job advertisements on the portal and in the partner network with more than 400 national partners further increase the chances of finding the perfect job match. And of course nothing works today without social media. Picking up potential new employees where they are is the great strength of the experts at DDV Media. And there is more to it than that: for example with traditional print advertisements, recruiting videos and direct contact opportunities at job fairs or similar events.

The team also has plenty of event experience. For example, DDV Mediengruppe organizes the Job Days in Dresden's Elbepark. Here, companies from the region present themselves with many exciting job offers. Interested parties can make direct and uncomplicated contact with company representatives and ask their questions. Interactive offers such as a stand rally with attractive prizes make the Job Days an additional experience.

Events like this and the wide reach of sä as THE news portal in Saxony with around 19 million hits per month make DDV Media the ideal partner for recruiting. Here, the professionals work hand in hand: whether in graphic design, media consulting, editing or social media.

And that works?

This actually works very well, as many satisfied customers have shown. "We were immediately impressed by the option of placing a simple contact form behind our native ad. This is well received by people who want to switch and of course plays into our hands as a company looking for new customers. This is because the reader can easily share a few of their personal details, such as their name, email address, telephone number and training title, so that we can quickly establish contact. #ddvmedia implemented all of this very quickly and easily for us. All in all, a modern tool for applicant management," says the Bilderberg Bellevue Hotel Dresden, praising the support provided by DDV Media. The team is happy to offer this for all industries and company divisions. "We needed support in filling two important positions in our company and received this support from our colleagues at DDV Media. Although the search for suitable people in times of a shortage of skilled workers is like looking for a needle in a haystack, a well-planned marketing campaign with a marketing mix on various communication channels made it possible to find suitable candidates for the vacancies. We are very grateful for the professional advice, the creative ideas and the very pleasant atmosphere during our meetings and are happy to continue working with DDV Media," is how SRH Berufsbildungswerk Sachsen sums it up.

Would you also like to rely on a strong team with a lot of expertise when recruiting? Feel free to contact us! We will find the perfect match for your position.

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