This is how much the goose feast costs this year

Some breeders have raised the price. There are big differences. Sä shows some examples from Saxon Switzerland and the Eastern Ore Mountains.
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Man sieht viele Gänse.
The geese are soon to be slaughtered. They will be slaughtered shortly before Christmas. © Daniel Schäfer

From Mareike Huisinga

Preparations are underway: Christmas is just under two months away. However, it's not just about thinking about which presents to buy for whom. The culinary question is also on the agenda. For many families, the traditional roast goose or duck from the oven is a must. asked some poultry farmers how much a kilo costs. Not all companies have increased their prices, but often the animals have already been pre-ordered.

Gut Gamig has increased prices, offers organic quality

If you are looking for a roast duck at short notice, come to Good Gamig too late. "All of our ducks have already been pre-ordered," says Johannes Dill, who is responsible for marketing. It is usually the case that customers order new ducks for the following year when they collect them. Gut Gamig is selling around 80 ducks this year. The price per kilo is 19.60 euros; last year it was 18.56 euros. The price of the goose has also risen by one euro per kilo. Gut Gamig is charging 22.10 euros per kilo this year. "We produce the grain for the poultry ourselves, but we have to add protein feed. The purchase price for this has risen," says Dill, explaining the increase. However, customers also get the best organic quality. "The poultry has a large run in the pasture, where we created a pond this year," says Dill.

Geflügelhof Ebert in Höckendorf only sells whole geese

The geese and ducks are also doing well on the Farm of Rainer and Christine Ebert in Höckendorf near Klingenberg. "We only sell whole geese," says Christine Ebert. The price per kilo is the same as last year, 14 euros. The price per kilo for the duck has also remained the same at twelve euros. "We have everything ourselves, i.e. meadows, and we grow the feed grain ourselves," explains Christine Ebert. Half of the 800 geese and ducks have been pre-ordered. The customers come from the Dresden, Pirna and Freiberg region. "However, we also have customers from Bavaria who visit their relatives here. They always take a Christmas goose from us back home with them," says the boss.

Weekly market traders stick to the previous year's price

One of the major poultry players is Mario Steinert from Diehsa in the district Goerlitzwho, however, sells his products at the weekly market in Pirna sold and has numerous customers. Like the Eberts, he was able to maintain the prices from the previous year. A kilo of duck costs 17.90 euros and customers have to pay 18.90 euros for a goose. However, 80 percent of his poultry has already been pre-ordered. He opened his poultry and adventure farm right after the political change in 1990. He employs 35 people. Although the breeder specializes in fresh poultry, he sometimes also sells lamb and game in his farm store. "But that tends to be the exception," says the entrepreneur. What does he serve at Christmas? "Roast goose according to the old family recipe, of course."

All geese are pre-ordered at Geflügelhof Fröde

When it comes to goose, Simone Fröde's poultry farm in Ulbersdorf near Hohnstein a hip address. No wonder, as she has worked on her parents' farm since she was a child, which she took over in 2002. It has remained a family business. Simone Fröde does not have any employees, but her son helps out. Her geese do not have an organic label, as certification is too expensive, says Fröde. However, customers know about the quality. This is obviously true, as her 40 geese have already all been pre-ordered. A kilogram costs around 16 euros, the same as last year. However, the entrepreneur had to increase the price by two euros from 2021 to 2022. "Feed costs have risen, as has the price of young geese," she explains. She has no plans to expand her farm. "I hope that I can maintain everything," says the poultry farmer. Her customers come from the Pirna, Sebnitz and Dresden region.

Moderate price increase at breeder Dieter Lamm

The Lamm family is the third generation to run their farm in Obernaundorf near Rabenau, says father Dietmar Lamm. The farm has around 500 ducks and geese in total. "The geese have all already been pre-ordered, we still sell a few ducks on the open market," says Lamm. Due to the general rise in prices and the overall economic situation, the farm does not want to charge its customers more. "We are only increasing the price per kilogram of poultry by 50 cents, so it will be 13.50 euros this season," says the entrepreneur, who employs an average of ten people. Dietmar Lamm's poultry can be purchased at Poisenwaldstraße 36 in Obernaundorf.

Carsten Ullrich from Pirna charges 28 euros

Carsten Ullrich from Hof 15 in Pirna is well aware that his prices are comparatively high. He charges around 28 euros for a kilo of goose and 19 euros for a duck. "But I have my buyers and my regular customers," he says. As his products are exclusively purebred poultry, the price is reasonable. His menagerie includes 400 ducks and 260 geese. "I always keep ten percent of the stock for last-minute customers for free sale in the last week," explains Ullrich.

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