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Tradition and modernity - in the Ore Mountains this connection is particularly important. The region is known above all for its long mining history, down-to-earth craftsmanship and breathtaking scenery. All of this shapes the Ore Mountains to this day, but is by no means enough to keep pace with the development of the times.

Because people also know this locally, the Ore Mountains are also an up-and-coming growth region with strength and economic potential today. Nowhere else in Saxony are there so many small and medium-sized craft companies that hold their own with their products and are increasingly setting standards. In addition, innovative start-ups from the Erzgebirge region are revitalizing the market - even across borders.

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More layoffs than hires in Saxony

Klaus-Peter Hansen, head of Saxony's employment agency, expects 2024 to be a tense year. Although company bosses need skilled workers, he believes they are becoming more selective.

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