Start-up from Dresden makes sand molds from old pacifiers and bottles

The company HolyPoly from Dresden makes sand molds from worn baby products. With this they have success. Where to send them the pacifiers.
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Fridolin Pflüger und Sophia Werner vom Unternehmen HolyPoly stellen aus alten Baby-Trinkflaschen Sandförmchen her.
Collecting is rewarded: Fridolin Pflüger and Sophia Werner from the HolyPoly company are happy about every old baby drinking bottle. © kairospress

They are looking for discarded pacifiers and water bottles. The Dresden Start-up HolyPoly finds a second life for the waste. They make recycled sand molds from the baby products.

The company, founded in 2020, has already collected and processed 60,000 bottles, pacifiers and other baby products from daycare centers and families in Germany. To do this, they are cooperating with the baby products manufacturer NUK and the toy manufacturer GOWI. 750 daycare centers have participated in the campaign so far.

Now they are starting the second round: Until January 31, daycare centers and families can send pacifiers and drinking bottles to the company. As a thank you, the kindergartens will receive recycled sand toys.

And because they are so successful, the Dresden-based company is also expanding to France and Austria to collect old pacifiers. You can apply for the collection box via the website. A list of public collection points and participating facilities, as well as further information on the take-back system, can be found on the NUK Recycling Initiative website:

After that, it's just collect, collect, collect. (SZ/luz)

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