VW plans in Saxony now also a topic in the state parliament

The situation at Volkswagen is now also occupying the Saxon state parliament. The AfD sees many jobs threatened, while the CDU warns against scaremongering.
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Man sieht den Produktionsturm der Gläsernen Manufaktur in Dresden.
The car tower of the Transparent VW Factory in Dresden is empty: this week, the Saxon state parliament is also dealing with Volkswagen's plans in the Free State. © dpa/Robert Michael

Dresden. In its September plenary session this week, the Saxon state parliament will also deal with Volkswagen's plans in the Free State. The AfD faction sees a total of around 100,000 jobs in the automotive industry at risk due to weakening demand for e-cars and requested a topical debate on the matter, as Jan-Oliver Zwerg, parliamentary director of the faction, said on Tuesday.

The e-car has become "a bit of a slow seller" since government subsidies were cut back, he said. "We believe that sites like Zwickau should not be operated exclusively for the production of e-vehicles."

The one-sided orientation threatens the entire German automotive industry, including the country's old automotive manufacturing tradition, he said, adding that technology openness is needed.

The CDU parliamentary group warns against scaremongering. It was a decision by the company in response to the economic situation, "which we have to classify accordingly," said Managing Director Sören Voigt. Not everything would go down the drain right away, VW had also made that clear. The clear message in the talks, also at VW headquarters, was that efficiency and production would be improved and the model policy evaluated. According to Voigt, there are "good talks" between the automaker and the state government, and possibilities for support are being sought.

Last week, it was announced that VW was cutting jobs at the Zwickau plant due to weakening e-car demand and that 269 temporary contracts would not be extended. According to "Automobilwoche", VW is also planning to discontinue vehicle production in the Glass Factory in Dresden. The site is to be retained, and the approximately 300 employees are to be given other tasks.

According to the company, a detailed package of measures for the implementation of a performance program in the Passenger Cars business area is currently being drawn up without prejudice to the outcome. The site-independent agreement on safeguarding jobs until 2029 remains unchanged. (dpa)

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