Why a Glashütte watch manufacturer is now supplying VW

The car manufacturer Volkswagen has celebrated an anniversary - and presented some of its employees with gifts. A charitable association operating in Saxony also benefited from this.

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Man sieht die Volkswagen-Mitarbeiter mit einem Spendenscheck, der 4100€ wert ist.
VW employees as guests of Nomos Managing Director Uwe Ahrendt (3rd from left): Jens-Peter Templin, Jens Hummel, Sebastian Clauss, Jörg Richter, Alexander Böttiger, Soeren Selbmann and Mirko Hummel. © Nomos Glashütte

From Maik Brückner

The automobile manufacturer Volkswagen Saxony has been building cars in Bavaria for 33 years. This was celebrated in style this year. Some VW employees presented a special watch - made in Glassworks - worn. This was produced by the watch manufacturer Nomos Glassworksas company spokesman Florian M. Langenbucher now informs us.

The watch was created by employees together with the watch manufacturer's designers. The basis was the famous Nomos classic Tangente. According to Langenbucher, three changes were made to it. For example, there is a small 30 on the six, which is a reminder of the 30th anniversary in Saxony, which the company actually wanted to celebrate in 2020. Due to the pandemic, this celebration was postponed this year. The lettering "Volkswagen Sachsen" has been added where "Made in Germany" would normally appear. The third special feature: the back bears a special engraving.

VW Saxony Works Council member Mirko Hummel expressed his satisfaction: This watch will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the company's founding even years later. Nomos Managing Director Uwe Ahrendt, who had received eight VW employees for a factory tour this week, was delighted with the cooperation and recalled the parallels between the two companies: "Cars, like mechanical watches, need wheels. And VW and Nomos produce classics; cars and watches that stand for excellent 'Made in Germany'."

Man sieht die Abbildung einer Uhr von Nomos Glashütte, drauf steht der Name der Firma Volkswagen Sachsen.
This picture shows two changes to the classic model. The blue 30, which commemorates the 30th anniversary of VW in Saxony. And the name of the company: Volkswagen Sachsen.
© Nomos Glashütte

The special model Tangente 38 "Volkswagen Saxony 30th anniversary" was only sold to Volkswagen employees at a price of 1,990 euros. "The aim was to sell at least 30 of them," says Langenbucher. In the end, 41 were sold. It wasn't just Nomos that was delighted that there were more in the end. Those responsible at Zwickau food bank "Achieving goals together" should be satisfied with the figure.

For every VW watch sold, Nomos transferred 100 euros to the Zwickauer Tafel charity: a total of 4,100 euros. A symbolic check was handed over by the VW employees to an employee of the Zwickauer Tafel after the company tour.

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