Eggnog is now also available with the Heidenau eggnog

The season starts with new products. And in the future they can also be tasted in the store café.
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Carolin Höflich präsentiert das neue Produkt der Heidenauer Eierpunsch.
Carolin Höflich presents the new product of the Heidenauer Eierpunscher - the egg liqueur. And it comes in four different varieties. © Daniel Schäfer

From Heike Sabel

They have experimented for a long time, tried a lot and now they are satisfied with the taste and consistency: The "Eierpunschers" from Heidenau are launching their new product. It's something with eggs and alcohol, of course, and the cold counterpart to eggnog - namely eggnog in different variants. Eggnog also has a new flavor. In the store, other regional products will complete the range in the future. There will also be a café.

This is a reminder of the history of the site in Heidenau on the corner of Ernst-Thälmann-Strasse and Bahnhofstrasse and establishes the Eggnog GbR on. She started here a year ago. Before that, there were several café operators, all of whom failed after more or less time. The last was the Dohna bakery Sachse, which closed in February 2019.

Four different alcohols

The eggnog company is not thinking of closing. On the contrary. They are still clearing, building and preparing. The large counter has already been painted in a color reminiscent of eggnog and eggnog. However, the liqueur is somewhat darker than one is used to. The reason is the real vanilla, says marketing and sales manager Carolin Höflich.

The various flavors of eggnog differ in the alcohol used. In addition to the classic Korn, there are variants with rum, brandy and whiskey - all at a gentle 14 percent alcohol, says Carolin Fröhlich. Her favorite is the somewhat fruity rum. The eggnog is available in 0.2- and 0.5-liter bottles. The price is still being finalized.

Store and café start on October 3

The first large batch has been prepared. From the beginning of October, the egg liqueurs will be available online, and from October 3 also in the store café in Heidenau. Here, the new eggnog variety Salt-Caramel can also be tasted and purchased. While eggnog is more the drink of the colder season, eggnog can be drunk all year round.

In addition to the company's own products, there are also those from about 20 regional dealers. Under the heading Gifts, Carolin Höflich has selected what people would like to give away or receive as a gift. Spirits, beer and wine, oils, sweets, jams, ceramics, jute bags to packaging and greeting cards are among them. The café also serves snacks. The opening hours are not yet rigidly set. "We are flexible, depending on how it is accepted and in demand," says Carolin Höflich.

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