Two serious interested parties for insolvent Fluorchemie Dohna

The fight for the future has been going on since April. Work and negotiations are continuing. The goal is an investor solution.

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Man sieht das Produktionsgelände von Flourchemie Dohna GmbH.
Continues to work despite insolvency and is interesting for two investors: Fluorchemie Dohna. © Norbert Millauer

From Heike Sabel

Fluorchemie Dohna was hit in April. Massive financial difficulties led to insolvency. In the meantime, the court has opened the first insolvency proceedings for the companies of the Fluorchemie Group. The insolvency administrator is Dr. Martin Obermüller from Frankfurt am Main.

In Dohna, meanwhile, work will continue under the difficult conditions, the firm says. It first approached potential candidates for a takeover. A good handful of potential investors then signaled interest in acquiring the Fluorchemie Group. In the meantime, two serious candidates have emerged from these interested parties. The insolvency administrator is negotiating with them. The negotiations are said to be at an advanced stage.

Goal: permanent preservation of all jobs

Fluorchemie's problems escalated in March when Dohna employees were not paid. In April, Obermüller cited the Ukraine war and supply chain problems in both directions as reasons for the insolvency. The Mining, Chemical and Energy Workers' Union had described the situation shortly before the insolvency application as very annoying because there was no clear information on the status.

However, time is still needed before the insolvency proceedings can be concluded. In order for a transition to be successful, coordination with various other parties to the proceedings must take place in order to secure the intended transaction, the law firm informs.

The aim is to find an investor solution that provides for the permanent preservation of the Fluorchemie Group, including all jobs. The two interested parties have presented convincing concepts for this. Negotiations are currently continuing on the details. With reference to the agreed secrecy, no further information can be provided at present.

Strong business location Dohna

The rescue of Fluorchemie is important for Dohna and the region. Around 70 jobs in Dohna are at stake, as well as a company rich in tradition and Dohna as a business location as a whole.

Although there are numerous very well-performing companies in the industrial park, such as F&SSchiekel Precision Systems and Kröning Automationbut the end of Die casting Dohna is still a blow.

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